About Think Tek Inc.   

Think Tek, Inc is a privately held consulting firm and R&D laboratory based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We offer consulting services, innovation and inventing workshops, and training. 

In every market there are opportunities for innovation and invention. Think Tek, Inc researches new and existing markets searching for business problems that need creative solutions. When the staff at Think Tek identify a problem we are passionate about solving, we innovate and invent products and processes for the targeted industry.

Our inventions cover a wide variety of markets.

If you need help getting started, click on the picture below for more information about our book: Changing the World One Invention at a Time. You’ll learn why asking great questions is the first step.

We take on very few new clients, but feel free to contact us. And contact us if you’d like us to visit your school, university or summer camp to talk about innovation and patenting.

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